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Bathroom market development space for giant cross-border giants have entered

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      With Rongshida , Supor and many other home appliances brand in succession into the sanitary industry in China , recently, domestic plastic pipe leading enterprises United Plastics Group announced the acquisition of a wholly -owned benefits of high sanitary , both sides will be resources and information in the internal management and external markets sharing. After the acquisition, the benefits of high LIANSU to conduct a comprehensive transformation of plant and equipment , to provide consumers with one-stop home services. In this regard , the industry expected, with cross- industry giants to enter the bathroom , sanitary industry in China will lead the industry reshuffle in 3 to 5 years .

      Status bathroom huge market space for development

      Reporters learned that the benefits of high sanitary built in 1996 , the production base in Foshan . Back in 2003 , the benefits of high- brand operations in Europe and other places have been involved

      LIANSU official said , after the completion of the acquisition , United Plastics will provide in the market , management , capital and other resources for the benefit of high- strong security, and implement the transformation of plant and equipment to ensure product quality, while the formation of the company and improve the pre- service. "The future of United Plastics , not only to provide products, but also provide installation services ."

      With the overall rapid growth of the national sanitary market , around the new bathroom hardware industry to get involved in a rapid increase in vendors , and rapid growth of the industry , it means new brand still has a huge market space.

      The existing sanitary industry forecasts era oligarchs

      In fact, from the beginning of last year, many related industries sanitary cross into the bathroom industry giants . Rongshida Solar announced last year to join bath dealers, strong intervention sanitary industry ; another well-known brand Four Seasons song Mu Solar also announced the same year , by the strong sales network and corporate power into the bathroom industry ; addition, small appliances kitchen appliances are brand Supor 2012 launched Supor bathroom , to go into the bathroom industry .

      " Like with United Plastics Group , straddling the layout of the bathroom industry giants are optimistic about the bathroom market ." Secretary-General of Foshan Sanitary Ware Industry Association Liuwen Gui that, despite the impact of real estate regulation by the entire bathroom industry for nearly two years, the market has declined, but the industry is still in the stage of the entire bathroom rapid development .

       " Low threshold sanitary industry , the industry status quo rudderless , may attract them into the reasons ." Liuwen Gui said that at present the entire bathroom industry , still lack of " big brother" , has not been able to occupy a certain market share in the emergence of companies in the industry , It can be predicted that the next decade China will enter the sanitary industry era oligarchs , a group of leading enterprises will occupy a larger market share in the industry , the industry leader in enterprise deserved .

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